This film competition is a chance for students ages 5-18 to get empowered, amplify their voices and flex their creative muscles.

The main goal of the festival is to empower student voice and agency. We hope this program gives students around the globe a chance and platform to share their perspectives with the world and embody the mindset that they don’t have to wait until they grow up to make a difference – their ideas can impact people now.

Finalists will be invited to ISTE 2019 for the official celebration and screening in June 2019.
Film Fest

Students in grades K-12 were invited to create a 1-minute video responding to this year’s theme:

“Activating Change”

Film winners will be celebrated at a ceremony at ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia, PA on Monday, June 24th at 4:00pm ET.

2017-2018 Winners

Grand Prize Winner
Film Title: The Book
Filmmakers: Ariel Sutherland and Ashton Granger
Location: USA (Denver)

Grand Prize Runner Up
Film Title: Young Hearts
Filmmakers: Claire Genter, Raven Ginez, Dylan Ginez, Christopher Cortes, Jose Gonzalez
Location: USA (California)

Upper Grades Winner
Film Title: The Unassuming Bigot
Filmmakers: Lim Sidnee and Mathilda Khoo
Location: Malaysia

Middle Grades Winner
Film Title: In Another’s Shoes
Filmmakers: Trinity Schley, Madison James, Caleb Rackley, Charlie Le and Quang Dinh
Location: USA (Louisiana)

Early Grades Winner
Film Title: A Day in Pete’s Shoes
Filmmakers: Payton Kozlowski, Seneca Mohr, Weston Mui and Kiran Patel
Location: USA (Illinois)

Honorable Mention
Film Title: As Cool As you Are
Filmmakers: Nuria Moreno Sordo
Location: Mexico

Honorable Mention
Film Title: Only One She Fits
Filmmakers: Layla Whitesel
Location: USA (Indiana)

Honorable Mention
Film Title: Friend
Filmmakers: Monica Canler, Andrea Mastretta, Daniela Gonzalez and Andrea Flores
Location: Mexico

Honorable Mention
Film Title: In My Shoes
Filmmakers: Galen Getz, Quinn Getz and Bryce Gauthier
Location: USA (California)

Honorable Mention
Film Title: Split In Two
Filmmakers: Gitanjali Mahapatra
Location: USA (California)

Honorable Mention
Film Title: Parallel Universe
Filmmakers: Alya Rasyiqah, Alya Sufiyah, Rae Kuan, Ceri Ng and Nadia Rahman
Location: Singapore

Honorable Mention
Film Title: Grandpa’s Cooking
Filmmakers: Tana Ososki
Location: USA (MN)

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